Custom gelfling portrait commission (Physical artprint shipped)

125.00 - 350.00 / Coming Soon


Ever wondered how you would look as a gelfling? Then look no more. As a fan of the series, I ´ve created a custom gelfling avatar of myself in 2 versions (typical gelfling haircut, alternative haircut). It is a delicate balance between my features and those of a gelfling, so you can expect something similar on your custom portrait.

1) Choose one of the options below:
_ Simple gelfling, with typical long gelfling hair, can have a braid or 2, some small headband, or a modern cut such as on my alternative example.

_ Complex gelfling includes the above but this time the attire can have more ornaments, and you can add a complex headpiece or a Fizzgig sidekick on your shoulder (see examples of headpieces in references 10, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17 or 18)

_ Full body gelfling, as customized as you like, you tell me.

All versions include a simple background. Could be the dark crystal background as well if required.

2) Once the payment is done, please send me an email to contact@ikerpaz.com.

I will need 2 close pictures of your head/face (front and 3/4 : see my portrait for reference). Neutral to small smile as gelfling dolls can´t make weird faces.

The gelfling anatomy is quite specific so I need to find a balance between your features and those of a gelfling. The mouth and eyes (enlarged) will be yours but the nose wil remain gelfling otherwise you won´t look like a gelfling at all.

Please include any specifics you would like to see in your portrait (overall colour, a braid, a headband, eye colour, you name it). I´ve included a series of gelfling portraits to help you pinpoint specific haircuts, overall looks... but you can also send me any other reference you think will help me understand better what you want.

You´ll get:

_ a physical A3 or 30x40cm 300gr Image digicolor paper print, matte finish.
Your purchase is shipped to your home via Colissimo, a registered mail service with proof of mailing and insurance in case of damage or loss from La Poste.
Artprint will be sent rolled in a tube for protection. Frame not included.
_ Full body options will get a 50x70cm 200gr Image digicolor poster instead.

_ a digital A3 or 30x40cm portrait at 300dpi (tif and jpeg downloadable files) + a square version so you can use it as a profile picture.

Estimated international shipping time is 1/2-2 weeks. Local and UE shipping times will be shorter. For other options or enquiries about your purchase, please send me a private message.

I´ll start the drawing once I get the payment and confirm I´ve received the email and we are both okay to go.

Please allow at least a week to get your commission done. I do the commissions myself so this is an estimated time that may vary depending on my work load. If you need your commission for a specific date, don´t hesitate to tell me.

4) Returns are not eligible on commissions. I create commissions for the client to his specifications. Due to the nature of this artwork, it is not possible to resell these items. Once the payment is made, the client agrees to have the artwork produced.