Sky character commission

50.00 - 150.00 / Coming Soon

Fancy having an illustration of the skykid of your dreams? Then look no further. I got you covered.

➊ Choose one of the options below:

A) your Sky character or an imagined version of it , short cape, linework + flat colors and simple shadows, flat background,

B) your Sky character or an imagined/ enhanced version of it, with richer colors and volume, on a simple background,

C) your Sky character or an imagined / enhanced version of it, with a more realistic style, volumetric lighting and shadows, on a simple background.

All versions include an instrument + an optional small companion (crab, manta, krill...)
Basic rates do not include a shipped print. Select the extra option if you want me to ship you a signed print.

➋ Once the payment is done, please send me an email to contact@ikerpaz.com.

I will need a couple pictures of your skykid and/or a description of how your enhanced/ imagined version would look (theme of your imagined skykid, pose, colour palette, imagined outfit...)

➌ I´ll start the drawing once I get the payment and we discuss the specifics of the commission via email.

Please allow at least a week to get your commission done. I will do the commissions on a first-come first-served basis so this is an estimated time that may vary depending on my work load. If you need your commission for a specific date, don´t hesitate to tell me.

➍ Returns are not eligible on commissions. I create commissions for the client to his specifications. Due to the nature of this artwork, it is not possible to resell these items. Once the payment is made, the client agrees to have the artwork produced.

➎ Shipping on PRINTS is untracked by default.
If you need a tracking number for your PRINT shipment , please add to your purchase one of the options found in the shipping category: